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A Guide to Staying Home for Spring Break

Well, it’s that time again. You just had a hectic week of consisting of a million midterms, fifty thousand papers, and most likely a group project, because you just needed the cherry on top of your already hellish week. So, like an angel from above, you are granted a week off, to do whatever you please, pending you don’t have homework.

Most college kids are going to have an amazing week. I know people who are going to Toronto, Spain, and even Monaco, but unfortunately I am not going to be going with them. I will be spending Spring Break in Port St. Lucie, and I’m excited to see my parents, and more importantly, my dog. There is a little less excitement than when you’re going to an exotic location, but nevertheless, you too can have a great time while Spring Breaking at home.

Step 1:

Catch up with your favorite family member, your pet

Step 2:

Veg out. The first part of Spring Break should be dedicated to catching up on your shows.

Step 3:

Catch up with your friends from home.

Step 4:

Stalk your college friends on snapchat and stew in jealousy. Honestly all your friends are exploring Europe and you have serious FOMO. So enjoy that stalking. Live vicariously through your friends. No. Judgement.

Step 5:

Boredom. You will be seriously so bored. You no longer have your shows. You have already seen all your friends. You will still have your dog, but that is about it. At this stage, you may actually consider going back to school.

Step 6:

You will regret not doing that homework because now you are rushing to get that homework done and it’s now Sunday and you have class on Monday.

Step 7:

School is back and session and honestly you’re a little relieved.


Unfortunately, not Blake Lively
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