4 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Get Involved on Campus

“The ordinary man is involved in action, the hero acts. An immense difference.” -  Henry Miller

We can all be heroes by just saying “yes” to a friend who invites us to a club meeting or signing on name on a sheet to interest in an organization. It is never too late - or too early to get involved on campus or in the community. It doesn't matter your year or major or passion, there is something for you.

1. Doing something just to hang out with friends is completely ok. 

Many people find their organizations through people with similar interests. Tag along to a meeting or help with an event.

2. Commitment is not binding. 

You can be active or inactive in an organization as you see fit. Take some time to feel out the environment and decide if it is something you want to stay involved with before taking on too much responsibility but don’t flake!

3. Quality over quantity. 

We all know those people who are ‘resume builders’. Don’t be one! Get involved with organizations you believe in and want to make an impact with. Being dedicated and immersed in a few organizations is better than having a long list of barely there involvements on your resume.

4. It exists. 

Don’t ever tell yourself that what you’re looking for isn’t out there. It most likely is. If it isn’t, then modify an existing organization or create a new one. You're not the only person who cares about issue “x” or has fun doing thing “y” or wants to become “z”.

Above all, figure out what you care about and be open to finding the people that can help strengthen you!