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Mental Health

3 Ways to Create Mental Wealth

Believe it or not, most of us are in the same boat. Walking into freshman year of college not knowing what to expect seems terrifying, but there are ways we can smash these fears. More than 87% of college students say they feel overwhelmed by everything they have to do within the year according to the American College Health Association. Juggling college with family, friends, and additional activities is definitely a struggle. To maintain mental health also means mental wealth… and here are ways you can cope with the stress and anxiety to have the richest mindset out there!

Fuel your body

Fueling your body is extremely important. Even through the busy days and nights, you should always make sure you are eating meals and snacks. When you do not fuel your body, your mind becomes foggy and does not work to the best of its ability. Did you know that an unhealthy diet can increase your stress levels? When you fuel your body with important nutrients, it fights the stress and gives you the ability to concentrate more efficiently. To do this you should avoid high-fat, high-sugar foods and definitely decrease caffeine intake.


Exercising is a great outlet to decrease stress and let yourself take a break from your running brain. Exercise gives you the ability to let free from the anxiety and stress of school work, family, and even friends. Exercising releases endorphins which are considered “feel good” chemicals. Endorphins create a level of happiness and a stress-free mindset. Some ideas of positive and effective exercise include walking, jogging, hiking, or even taking classes at a local gym. Sometimes getting a good workout in makes you feel more productive and accomplished.

Have an Outlet

Having an outlet, someone you can talk to or a new hobby, is a great way to blow off steam. Even though you may not think this, everyone needs breaks and people to talk to. Bottling up the emotions, stress, and anxiety, only makes your mindset worse. Find someone you trust and talk to them about anything. So, when you are working all day and using your brain fuel, take a break and call someone you trust and someone you know who will listen. If this does not work for you, you can also find an outlet in a new hobby. Maybe take up painting, running, drawing, or even gardening. Find something you enjoy that you can go to when you are in need of a break from the stress and anxiety of college.

The main piece of advice one can give to you to maintain a wealthy mindset is positivity. Staying positive creates your own brighter reality rather than a negative one. A negative mindset creates negative outcomes and final products. Try to tell yourself positive things to build this new confidence. Creating a wealthy mindset does not come overnight. There are many obstacles one has to overcome, but trust me, you can do it. You are capable of conquering the unconquerable.

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