10 Things to Keep you Organized this Semester Post-Irma

Like clockwork, as week four, five and six of the semester roll into town, coursework increases, deadlines are now upon us, the obligations of various organizations we're part of start picking up speed, and we're left playing a Jenga version of our life to keep it all together. With Hurricane Irma, undoubtedly, the pace will be even more accelerated as professors try to catch up to their syllabus schedule and all of us getting everything back on track. The good thing is, you don't have to go through it alone. Here are the 10 essential things you'll need not only to stay organized this semester but to conquer it too.

1. The Life Planner by Erin Condren

With customizable covers, add-ons that go straight into your agenda such as stickies/pouches/rulers, and 18-months of space, the Life Planner will be your best friend that starts at $55. Option: Ban.do has a full-on "The Agenda Shop" with prices ranging $20-$32. 

2. Weekly Pads

Stick them on your desk, throw them in your laptop bag, fridge door, wherever its best for you to jot down a quick note, look at your day in a glance. These bad boys can be found literally anywhere from Target to Amazon

3. White Board 

Add some washi tape to add some flare and you can divide the board to suit your needs. Have four running to do list for school, apartment, social and sorority/organization duties. Some people even have them divided to do a full range calendar. Option: at most stores, you can even buy magnetic add-ons like baskets to throw your keys or any miscellaneous items in, buttons and more colorful dry erase markers for an added layer of cuteness. This one, in particular, can be found on Amazon

4. Four-Subject Notebook 

Not only is it sassy, it has 4 subjects with pockets and anything with pockets is an automatic keeper. This gem can be found at Typo and it comes in various other designs.

5. Google Keep

Whether you want to jot down your notes in a checklist format, a map, a photo, Google Keep can help you stay organized both on your phone and laptop. You're also able to share your lists for others to collaborate so group projects, groceries for the apartment and more are in one simple place. It's free on your phone's app store but $3 for the desktop version. 

6. Tabs

These tabs can be used for a multitude of things such as keeping your place, indicating important parts of the notes and having all your stickies in one uniformed place when transporting from your dorm to the classroom. These can be found at Ban.do for $12. 

7. Colorful Pens 

This fabulous set of pens are perfect for planning and taking notes in class for just under $6 on Amazon

8. Kokuyo Campus Notebooks

This notebook is perfect for both the creative souls and more traditional hearts with pages both in lined and dotted forms. The set comes with 5 colors (blue, green, pink, purple and yellow) for just $11 on Amazon

9. Accordion Folder

This 5 section accordion folder is perfect to keeping your things all in one place without occupying too much space in your bag or your desk. It's especially great during test prep time when you can organize the material into sections or be able to review past exams/quizzes and the like all in one place. This set in particular, can be found here for $7. 

10. Dual Tip Highlighters

Perfect for note-taking (or doodling in a boring class), these highlighters come with both a thin and thick edge to help your notebook and studying be somewhat attractive. This set can be found on Amazon for $12.50. 

Now go on and conquer it all!