What You Should Look for in an Internship

With Career Fair in the rearview window and interviews coming up, you’re desperate to land any internship.

But, you shouldn’t be nonchalant about an internship. It’s a serious job and one that will help you decide if that’s the field or industry you want to go into. Rather than just taking any job, think about what qualities the company or position will have.

You should look for:

1. Hands-on experience: You don’t want a summer job where all you do is grab coffee for everybody, print documents, or sort files. You want a job where you can show what work you did and gain skills. Be sure to ask the company about the project’s interns work on – it will give you a good look into what you should expect if you land the job. 

2. Opportunity to network: Not all companies have programs set up to allow you to network, but some jobs give you the ability to attend seminars, hear presentations from public speakers, etc. These are great opportunities for you to network with people in the field. If there is no formal program set up, ask your coworkers to coffee to learn more about their career and how they got to where they are today.

3. Guidance from employees: Make sure the company assigns you to an employee who will manage you and give you advice. It is important that you have someone you can go to with questions about your work, the industry, or for career advice. And, who knows? They may become a lifelong mentor that you look up to.

4. Company culture: You don’t want to be stuck at a company that you do not vibe with. When looking for the perfect fit, think whether or not the employees you meet are like you. If you don’t fit within the company’s culture, it will not be a good, beneficial experience for you.

While these qualities are important for an internship, don’t be too picky. Sit down to assess the company and program before accepting a full-time offer. And as always, best of luck finding the perfect place for you!