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Tips for Summer Internship Search

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami (OH) chapter.

We all know the stress of finding a summer job or internship. There is a lot of pressure to acquire a solid summer position, especially as an upperclassman. Here a few ways to push the searching process ahead.


1. Apply for a job you want EVEN if you do not think you are qualified

You never know what skills or interests a recruiter may think could be a great fit. Having an outstanding conversation is another way to make yourself stand out. Sometimes you may have a talent or experience they have not even thought about before making the job listing. In addition, they may think you’d be perfect for their company culture, but maybe just in a different role. The possibilities are endless!



2. Have someone else look over your resume

Another set of eyes could be great to notice anything that is misspelled or worded strangely. They also tell you if the design or layout might look better another way.



3. Cold email someone

Reaching out to someone personally, whether on LinkedIn or through email, can help them remember your name. You could even go a step further and the person if you can take them for coffee and both of you can learn more about each other.


4. Use your connections

If you know someone who knows someone who works at a company you are interested in being a part of, reach out! It cannot hurt to talk to them because they would more than likely be willing to put a good word your way.


Carrie Shaheen

Miami (OH) '19

Miami University President/Writer