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The Struggles of Scheduling Classes

1.     You realize that your scheduling time is later than all your friends.

2.     You mapped out the classes for a perfect week with no Friday classes.

3.     You can’t sleep because you are so anxious.

4.     But then the time comes to schedule and you realize it was too good to be true that you would actually have no Friday class, since the section you wanted is already full. 

5.     But you still have hope that it’s possible so check the capacity of the class endless times throughout the day hoping someone switches.

6.     You realize that it’s not going to happen so have to sign up for that 8:30 A.M. class instead.

7.     You hope that you will become a morning person or else you will be severely dependent on coffee to help you stay awake during class.

8.     You pray for a better schedule the next semester.



Jennifer is a Junior contributing writer for Her Campus Miami (OH). She is also a member of Alpha Delta Pi and the marketing chair of club swim team. Her hometown is Grosse Pointe, Michigan.
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