Spring-Summer Business Casual Outfit Board

In spring and summer, big cities like New York City, Washington D.C.and Chicago get unbearably hot and humid. However, a work or internship setting doesn’t necessarily change the dress code to accommodate the heat. Here are some tips and outfit ideas for wearing business casual without drowning in sweat.


  1. Opt for a wide-leg pant: Between gauchos and full-length wide-leg pants, there are many business casual options. Tuck in an airy button down for a breathable outfit. As a bonus, look for pants in lighter colors such as khaki, white or blush.

  2. Minimize layering: The last thing needed is a jacket on top of an outfit. One might think a cami is a great idea, but make sure to consider whether or not it would feel comfortable to remove a blazer in the workplace. When wearing a blouse, add a camisole or undergarment beneath to help wick sweat and prevent discomfort in the office. This layer will ensure sweat won’t show on a blouse.

  3. Look for breathable materials: Look for cotton and nylon or polyester blends. Cotton is breathable but is not sweat wicking. Nylon and polyester are often used in activewear, so finding a blend of the two is perfect for any piece in a business casual closet. Depending on the office, linens may be acceptable if it’s dressed up.

  4. Go for a classic business dress: Dresses are usually are a dark color that hides sweat. Dresses are great because they are one piece!

  5. Wear hair in a parted ponytail: Not clothing related, but moving hair off the neck will help the body sweat effectively.


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