Second Annual Mental Health Forum with Vinny Guadagnino

The second annual Mental Health Forum was held Sept. 7 featuring keynote speaker Vinny Guadagnino from the hit reality TV show Jersey Shore.

The forum discussed mental health on-campus, how to find resources, and how to start conversations to end the stigma around mental health. Guadagnino was asked questioned submitted by students.

“99% of my life is fine, but there are some points that trigger me,” said Guadagnino.

Guadagnino has had anxiety and depression since he was in high school. He came out with his anxiety on the show in its later seasons, which helped him accept his disorder and move forward.

Guadagnino encouraged the nearly 500 person crowd to always be yourself and to seek help at the first signs of unbalance in mental health. “Just go to the counseling center, there are things they can pick up on that you can’t,” said Guadagnino.

After Jersey Shore ended, Guadagnino became a mental health advocate. Through his public appearances, he has tried to make mental a health a more comfortable topic because a majority of people have dealt with varied forms of anxiety or depression at some point or another.

Associated Student Government presented the event also featuring Dr. John Ward, Maggie Callaghan, and Will Ziegert.

Ward encouraged students to reach out to the counseling office located at 195 Health Services Center.