Post Midterm Mood Using Broad City Gifs

Midterms are finally over and now it's time to detox, well, at least until new assignments start piling up against next week. But let's not think about that; let's take this weekend to relax and enjoy ourselves. Here are seven gifs from Broad City that perfectly sum up how we feel after taking finals:


1. Turning in your exam and looking back at your class like

2. When you're completely dead inside after hours and hours of studying

3. But then you're completely ready to go out and forget everything you just spent so long cramming for

4. When you're in the middle of breaking out all your moves on the dance floor and get a notification that a grade was uploaded to Canvas 

5. And deciding to not care and keep dancing

6. And doing stupid things with your friends

7. Hopefully, you take this weekend to recover and prepare for the inevitable pile-up of assignments coming soon