No Pants Season

At last, the time has come for the transition between winter and spring. Goodbye seasonal depression, hello spring fashion! Spring is my favorite season - especially for fashion - because it has the perfect weather. Not too hot where you sweat through your clothes on your way to class, but not too cold either, letting you pack away your heavy winter coats and bring out your stylish jackets. The one dilemma, however, is dressing for the change in temperature throughout the day. Unlike winter, where it’s cold 24/7, and unlike summer, where it’s warm 24/7, the spring brings on chilly mornings and mild afternoons. So, what do you do when you want to dress to impress without shivering or having to hide pit stains?


There are two spring staples that you must have in your closet to flex while maintaining a comfortable fit. The first is a jacket. The best thing about a jacket is that is can make an outfit by bringing all of the colors together or serving as the centerpiece. There are jean jackets, bomber jackets, leather jackets, etc. The possibilities are endless. You just have to choose the right one to match your color scheme and aesthetic. Jean jackets, for example, can be worn over a lazy outfit (jeans and a T) and make you look put together with almost no effort actually exerted. Denim on denim, by the way, is one of my favorite spring trends. Another is the hoodie and bomber jacket look. These looks, while fashionable, can also be manipulated to adapt to the weather. I’m talking about tying the jackets around your waist when you’re too hot and buttoning them up when the midwest wind picks up. Jackets should be a vital piece in your closet this spring. And if you are worried about prices, there are tons of stores with cheap jackets that look just as good as the name brand ones. Or you could just copy me and hunt through the clearance sections of department stores!


The second staple for spring is the famous sundress. The simple sundress. The comfortable sundress. The sundress that means one very important thing: NO PANTS. Yes, that’s right. It’s no pants season, aka not having to squeeze into your skinny jeans or getting those suffocating lines on your thighs and calves from the lining of the denim. Finally, our legs are free to be felt by the sun after a pale, pale winter season. And the best part? We can do it in style. Like jackets, there are many different types of sundresses: floral, t-shirt, wrap-around, etc.  Sundresses can be worn in any circumstances, which is why they are a staple for spring. You can wear them in seventy-degree weather with sandals or fifty-degree weather with boots and a cardigan. Either way, they are comfortable and easy. And that is the mood we are going for the rest of the semester. Period.


If you’re having trouble finding the perfect jacket or sundress that suits you, try a few of the brands below that I’ve had success with.


1. Lord & Taylor (hunt in clearance to find good buys)

2. Nordstrom (expensive, but lasts a long time)

3. Forever 21 (sizes vary, cheapest)

4. Thrift!! (I find that the best jackets can be thrifted if you have the patience)



1. Forever 21 (cheapest with more unique designs)

2. Abercrombie (good quality, great for dressy events)

3. American Eagle (t-shirt dresses on point!)

4. Lulu’s (expensive, but worth it)