MU Drop Out President Jessica Rodgers


Name: Jessica Rodgers

Major: Biology

Minor: Neuroscience 

HerCampus: What do you do for the MU Drop Out Skydiving club?

Jessica Rodgers: So, I am the President of the MU Drop Out Skydiving Club. I plan the trips to iFLY Chicago-Naperville. I also coordinate jumps with Skydive Cincinnati, so that the jumper will get a discount. 

HC: What are the iFLY trips?

JR: iFLY is indoor sky diving. There is a 14 foot wind tunnel in Chicago that people who are either beginners or experienced flyers can go in, and experience what skydiving is without actually jumping out of a plane. 

HC:  How often do you go on iFLY and skydiving trips each semester?

JR: iFLY is about 4 times a semester. For skydiving you just send us an email letting us know when you want to go, and if the weather is good we will schedule with the drop zone and figure out the kind of drop you want to do. There are four different kinds of jumps. 

HC: What was your first skydiving experience like?

JR: It was when I graduated from high school, and I went with my father. We went in this big plane from Chicago, and we jumped tandem. The other people in the plane with us were the people who fly in formations, which calmed us down. I had one minute and ten seconds of free fall. The instructor let me guide down the parachute for the most part, except for the landing. It was a really great experience.

HC: How can someone get involved with the Drop Outs?

JR: Its very simple, just  add us on the Hub. It's $20 a semester to go sky diving. The iFLY are open to everyone; you don't have to be apart of the club. You can do as much or as little as you want. Some people join have joined when they were freshman, who have only gone once or twice, and some people, who go on almost every trip with us. There are no requirements.