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Man’s Best Friend: Campus Dogs & Their Owners

They say dogs are man’s best friend, right? Well check out these college cuties and their beloved pals. From hiking at Hueston Woods to playing football in the front yard, these pairs are nearly inseparable.

Meet Max Litter & MarmadukeMarmaduke is a Dachshund-Lab mix. Favorite things to do together: Go Uptown together and play Smash Bros. with Max’s housemates


Meet Thomas Mojica & SadieSadie is an 8 month old German Shepherd and black Lab puppy mix. Favorite thing to do together: Walk around running trails near the football field


Meet David Reilich, Bobby Mcquillan, Sawyer Kuck, Mark Bennet, Nate Flahive, Evan Cohn & SosaSosa (a German Shepherd-black Lab mix) is more than an adorable pet. He also serves as an emotional support animal to David, who will be taking care of him after graduation.Favorite things to do together: Play fetch and explore the woods


Meet James Tuccori & SamSam is a 1-year-old Belgian Malinois. Favorite thing to do together: Swimming at James’ lake house


Meet Brandon Barrett & ShilohBrandon rescued Shiloh in December from the SPCA on the west side of Cleveland. This semester she’s been the unofficial mascot for Brandon’s intramural softball team. Favorite things to do together: Go to the dog park, go for walks and chase squirrels


Meet Eric Stabler & ChiefFavorite things to do together: Running in Hueston Woods and playing fetch


Meet Vince Gabuzzi & AutoFavorite things to do together: Play with balls and sometimes chase squirrels on slant walk


Meet Cody Young & LilyFavorite things to do together: “When shes not sleeping all day, we like to go on hikes and long car rides.”


Meet Duncan Walsh & CooperFavorite thing to do together: Go on hikes in Hueston Woods



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