How To Make A Flower Crown

Feeling on top of your game because you just bought your 3-day pass for Lollapalooza? You’re overjoyed by the dedication you put forth in waking up hella early before tickets sold out almost instantly last month, or for any other festival you’ve been looking forward to going to.. You know this is true because of the envy you’ve felt or from what you heard from others that previously went and raved so much about it.

It’s not even a question that we all procrastinate on school assignments; however, there is absolutely no reason to put off what you’re wearing to your dream festival! When choosing an outfit, that includes accessories obviously, and that means having the most perfect flower crown.

But why go from store to store trying to find the perfect one when you can easily master the skill of making one yourself? We checked out for inspiration.

Gather up all your fellow festival-goers and head out to the local craft store and buy the supplies. The necessary materials: floral wire, floral tape, wire cutters, greenery and flowers. The flowers can either be real or faux, but keep in mind that faux flowers will give you a crown to last a lifetime. For a different design of using large flowers that will stick out, felt and glue will be needed too.

To begin, form a circular shape with the floral wire, rest it upon your head how you would like it to fit, and cut off the excess wire. Make sure that the size is tight enough where it does not fall off, but isn’t going to give you a headache. Next, tape the wire shut with floral tape and begin wrapping it around all of the wire.

Choose your favorite flowers and cut them off the stem, but leave just a little of the stem remaining (Conrad’s team suggests about 2-3 inches). If you want it to be more intricate, you can make bundles with smaller flowers of different colors. Wrap the stem of the flower or flower bundles around the wire using floral tape several times to make sure it is secure.

You can choose to put flowers around the whole crown or half of it. If you decide to use big, bold, stem-less, flat flowers then glue a small circular piece of felt to the back of each flower and glue another felt piece to the other and sandwich it with the wire in between. As a final touch for any gaps seen in your crown add even more flowers or greenery, like ivy, to act as a complement. Conrad’s team suggests even starting with greenery and then adding flowers to make a fuller-looking crown.

It might be a rough start in which the crown you thought would look to-die-for turned out to be a disaster, but don’t worry! It will take some practice and you might surprise yourself. Fortunately practicing the making of flower crowns is more fun than practicing your final speech with your group for the marketing final.