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Crystals for Dummies

Fear not, before writing this article I had no clue what the purpose of crystals was. I knew that people carry them around in their pockets and that they’re pretty. Beyond that, I had no idea why people were so obsessed with these rocks. With a little research, I discovered that crystals have powers and energy that can improve your day-to-day life in big ways. Here’s a very basic overview of some popular crystals but I encourage everyone to do some looking of their own to find the perfect combination of crystals for them!



Good for: Relaxing, stress relief, balanced mind, and sleep

Color: Purple

How to use: Meditate with them, decorate your home, place on your third eye (middle of your forehead) to clear your mind



Good for: Positivity, finding closure and tranquility

Color: Light blue

How to use: Wear them as jewelry close to the skin, place it in your home in places that tend to have emotional distress, put it in your luggage when you travel, place it on your lips and take deep breaths



Good for: Awakening psychic abilities, intuition, spirituality and calming your mind

Color: Dark blue, light blue and green

How to use: Keep them near during prayer or meditation, hold them in your hand



Good for: Energy, growth, confidence, happiness, and centeredness

Color: Yellow, yellow-brown, orange, dark orange-brown, and reddish brown

How to use: Soak it in water and drink the water as an elixir, keep near when experiencing symptoms of PMS



Good for: Health, passion, vitality, positivity, and energy

Color: Dark red to reddish brown

How to use: Hold when feeling angry to help diffuse the tension, wear everyday to protect from danger, keep in your office to increase productivity,



Good for: Luck, wealth, wisdom, success and peace of mind

Color: Blue/green

How to use: Keep in your pocket or as a necklace to recharge and protect yourself, keep in your home to ward off negative energy



Good for: Self-reflection, acceptance, stress relief, protection, and growth

Color: Black

How to use: Wear as jewelry for balance, place in a glass bowl in the north of your home to clear negativity, use obsidian eggs for meditation



Good for: Balance, protection, decision making, calmness and release

Color: Black

How to use: Carry or wear it to defend yourself, put them in your office to ward off negativity and criticism, place them on your nightstand to keep nightmares away,


Rose Quartz

Good for: Love, compassion, forgiveness, and peace

Color: Pink

How to use: Wear close to your heart for love and compassion, sleep with it under your pillow to manifest solutions in your dreams, place in the far-right corner from the entrance of your home for love energy



Good for: Communication, honesty, health, wisdom, and protection

Color: Turquoise

How to use: Hold them while meditating to ground and calm yourself, look at them to lift your spirits and heal yourself

Mallory Hackett

Miami (OH) '20

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