Adjusting to School Life After Winter Break

Miami University is unlike other college campuses in many ways, especially in terms of our winter break. Some people take the 6 weeks we have off to study abroad, others take it to fulfill some credits they don’t have room for in the normal semesters. I took this time to pick up some shifts at my part-time job, hang out with my High School friends and relax from the strenuous fall semester.

I very quickly readjusted to life at home where I had my own room, home cooked meals and very few responsibilities. I binge watched a few TV shows, cuddled up with my dogs and enjoyed my time away from campus. This luxury was short-lived, however, because before I knew it January 27th rolled around and I was moving back into my dorm.

Adjusting to college life after spending 6 weeks at home is easier said than done. Trying to decide what clothes to bring back and what food I still had in my room was a struggle. The week before classes started I tried to start getting myself in school mode. I filled out my planner with my spring semester schedule, did the homework I already had assigned for the first day of classes (crazy right) and got all of my textbooks and school supplies for my classes. I knew it would be a bit of a tricky adjustment to go from lounging around the house to having 6 classes every week.

Utilizing my school planner and the stickies app on my laptop helped organize my life and make the transition to being a functional human being so much easier. We are two weeks into the semester and I already feel acclimated to campus life. It feels good to have a routine again and have something to do at all times of the day. Overall, the adjustment was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’m glad to be back in my happy place and to take on Spring Semester.