Activities to Do with Your Roommates This Autumn

The weather is becoming cooler and the leaves are starting to fall, which means it’s officially autumn. My roommates and I all love fall, so these are some of the activities that we do every year.


1. Go to the pumpkin patch


In Oxford, everyone goes to Butterfield Farms to go through the corn maze, pick out pumpkins and feed the cows. It is one of my favorite fall activities because it’s right off campus, and it makes a great study break. We make sure to pick out some gourds to decorate our dorm and apple cider, along with our pumpkins.


2. Paint pumpkins


After we go to the farm, we bring back our pumpkins and decorate them. I really like to paint mine because my designs always turn out better that way, and there’s less clean up after. I’ve painted Spongebob and Olaf from Frozen on some of my pumpkins in the past. Get creative with it!


3. Decorate your room


I always like to put up some fall or Halloween themed decorations around my apartment because it makes the space feel cozier. Adding some fake candles, Halloween decorations, and jewel tone blankets and pillows to your living space help me relax after a long day of school and work. It’s also a ton of fun to plan how you’re going to decorate.


4. Have a movie night


After we’ve painted pumpkins and decorated the apartment, my roommates and I have a movie night. We put on a rom-com, do face masks and usually end up watching Vines. It’s a great excuse to have a night in after a long week and is fun roomie bonding.


5. Have a photoshoot


Autumn is one of the best times of year to go outside and take pictures. The cloudy weather makes for great lighting and the changing leaves are beautiful, especially on Miami’s campus. My friends and I love spending an afternoon doing this. We also have some great Instagrams after.