6 Reasons Bethenny Frankel Is a Boss

So, either you’ve heard of the Real Housewives or you have been living under a rock. Or you maybe you have had a martini called Skinnygirl. Shout out to Bethenny Frankel for the perfect combination for a girl’s night. However, that is not the only reason she is the best.

1. She doesn’t give a f*** about what anyone thinks

Bethenny is such a confident woman. She will say whatever she wants. And if someone tries to mess with her, she will tell them to #getoffmyjock. A lot of her Instagram posts and Snapchats are authentic and she always gives her honest opinions.

2. She’s an entrepreneur

The woman does it all. She has multiple TV shows and a collection of books. She also created the entire Skinnygirl brand.

3. She is genuine

Bethenny has her own foundation called B Strong. But this is not just a philanthropic act to put her name on for some publicity. She invests a lot of her own time and money to the support various causes.

4. She started from the bottom & now she’s here

Bethenny has not always been rich and famous. She knows how to sit down and be humble. She had a rough childhood, but it only made her stronger and more motivated.

5. She is a single mom

Bethenny was married, but she felt like more of girl boss on her own. Therefore, she got a divorce because it was best for her, as well as for her daughter.

6. And, have you seen her body???

She is 47, has a child, and loves to drink, am I missing anything? Someone explain how the OG skinny girl looks so amazing while juggling her work hard, play hard lifestyle.

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