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10 Reasons He’s A Keeper

Whether we admit it or not, we all have this perfect guy we ~dream~ about. If you are wondering whether your man is a catch or a toss, look no further. Her Campus has found 10 of the best characteristics to look for in a man.

1. He makes time for you. It’s important that he makes an effort to see you and knows how to make plans.

2. He loves his mom. Watch the way he interacts with his mother or his sisters. It’s vital that a man knows how to treat a woman.

3. He loves learning about you and remembers the small stuff. The best guys want to discover all of your quirks, hear about your dreams and makes an effort to meet your family.

4. He’s well spoken. Think about the first time he meets your family. First impressions are vital— a charming, well-spoken man will be welcomed with open arms.

5. He has his own dreams and aspirations. No one wants to be with someone who doesn’t have any motivation to succeed. HC thinks the most attractive guys are the ones with a plan for their future.

6. He is supportive. Whether you’re having a bad day, or heard amazing news, it’s important that he is always there for you and gives you love and support through the good times and bad.

7. He wants to show you off. He’s not embarrassed to let everyone know that you’re his and is proud to call you his girl.

8. He takes after his appearance. You want a man that cares about his body, his health and knows how to dress for the occasion.

9. You’re his world, but not his ENTIRE world. He should care about you a lot, but not neglect his friends, family or work.

10. He makes you laugh. HC thinks that this is one of the most important characteristics in a man. If he’s playful, fun and makes you happier than anything, he’s definitely a keeper.

Chloe is a junior, contributing writer and PR rep for Her Campus Miami (OH). She is a Marketing major in the Farmer School of Business.
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