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Stress Relief: What To Do To Be Stress-Free

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mercer chapter.

Stress is a word that we’re all familiar with. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. We push and push ourselves until we end up in a really bad mental place. Once this happens, it is very hard to dig yourself out. However, there are ways to manage your stress before you fall into the abyss.

There are healthy and unhealthy ways of dealing with stress.The trick to dealing with stress is finding something that is not damaging to yourself or others, and that works for managing your stress.

This may sound cliché, but exercising is a good way to relax when you’re stressed. It is healthy and effective. Exercise releases endorphins, which make you happy. (And happy people just don’t shoot their husbands! They just don’t! Sorry, Legally Blonde quote opportunity.) As a person who thinks “gym” is a dirty work, I can even say that working-out helps me feel better. When my feelings start to take over, I go for a walk or, in extreme cases, a run. The gym is part of your tuition fees, so you might as well take advantage of it. 

Another way to cope with stress is napping. While some people think that this is running away from your problems, I think that naps give you a little time to breathe stress-free, if only for a little while. Even though it takes up time that you think you think you would spend doing homework, naps are good idea. I want you to really think here: If you take an hour-long nap instead of sitting at your computer trying to write that 10-page essay, but you have stress-induced writer’s block, what is really being lost? When you wake up, you’ll have a new sense of refreshed clarity.

For some people, spending time with friends is a good way to deal with stress. Talking and laughing with others is a stress reliever. Your friends are the people who should know what makes you feel better. If that means hanging out for a while, talking on the phone, or Skyping, they want you to be okay, so they’re willing. Friends can also help you get perspective. Is your stress necessary, or are you freaking yourself out? Good friend can help you sort your life out and prioritize.

I also find that reading or Netflix can help. Watching an episode or two of your favorite show or getting lost in your favorite book can help you leave your life behind for a little while and look at someone else’s problems. Don’t binge-watch or decide that reading a trilogy in a night is a good idea, because this will give you more stress rather that alleviating the stress you were already feeling.

Most importantly, do not forget that you are not the only person who has ever felt stressed. It is temporary and will pass. If you feel like the stress is taking over, you can talk to somebody. If friends and family are not enough, Mercer also has CAPS, and they are there to help you. There is no need to feel embarrassed. Many people go to CAPS, because they want help.

Do not let the stress of life win.

Do not let it drive you to hurt yourself or anyone else.

There are always people that want to help you.

If these techniques don’t work for you, find some that do. There are plenty of ways to make yourself happy and more relaxed. Find what works for you!




Desirrae is a small-town girl with dreams of making it in the big city... Well not really. She is a freshman who decided she needed to write more than she needed almost anything else. She is a journalism major who fantasizes about being as important as Barbara Walters someday. When she isn't writing, Desirrae can be found reading, watching Netflix, spending time with her friends at school, or talking to her families from home... Or sleeping. Probably sleeping.