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Indications of A Parallel Life

“Once upon a time, in a very distant land” … “It’s a very long story” … “A long time ago” … “Do you want the long story or the short one?” … Someone once said that every good story has a beginning, a knot and an end, tied up. Although not necessarily in that order. They also say that human beings are made of them and that we all have one that only oneself can tell. But what would have happened if there was not just one story? If only one variable, something would have changed? If things had not gone as they did or if things never were like that and they told us the story badly?    What would have happened if Cinderella had not gone to the dance or rejected the prince? What would have happened if Peter Pan had not returned to Neverland or if Wendy had stayed? What would have happened if the little mermaid had not given up her tale or her voice or if the prince would not have wanted to be with her? What would have happened if you had made that trip? If you had accepted or renounced that job? If you had not done that trip? If you had said yes to that person? What would have happened if someone had not died? If you had followed or repressed your impulses? Have you ever wondered, what would have happened if …?    It is much more than parallel worlds, multiverses, other dimensions, butterfly effect, reincarnation, law of attraction or visualization, deja vu or planes of existence. It is all that and / or more. It is to feel that these possibilities have already happened or are happening at the same time. It is feeling that some things have already happened. It is believing in parallel worlds. It is to feel the smell of a cake that you never ate. How can you know the smell if the cake was never made? Because, if we are honest, it can smell very different from what we imagine. On what is that memory based? That melancholy? That imagination? And why is it so and not otherwise? Why do we imagine things one way and do not know another? For what and depending on what? Why do we want that? Because we want, for what? Between you, many more and subsequent questions of this. Another example of this, may be, the feeling of sitting in the work you love as much as if it were real. It is, often, to miss what never happened. Feeling melancholy is seeing yourself in a situation that we think you can never fully be immersed in. It is to feel that something has already happened although we have the certainty that it never happened. It is getting angry for something that never happened or for what might happen. It is feeling that things are always the same or that they changed completely. It is feeling that we hold already. What we are or what we could be. It is asking. It is doubt. It is affirmed. It is the unknown reality of what we want and it is something completely different or, on the contrary, all that we imagine. It is seeing signs, traces, clues, certainties. It is asking, what is reality? And answer us that reality is an illusion of our imagination. An imagination that we attract and may or may not be certain. An imagination that may or may not be a lot of acts and consequences and a chance as a marked destiny or a mission. Each of these things are different. It’s all this and more.  Our reality is what we make of it. Let’s listen to us. Let’s listen to the Universe, the signals, the deja vu and what shows us according to what we do and what we can understand about it. Let’s learn. Let’s try to understand what happens to us. Let’s act on it. And let’s stay with the least “what would have happened if …” possible.


Mi biggest gole in life is to be able to heal what you cant see. To be able to see people even when they fell invisible.
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