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The Best Breakup Movies to Help You Get Over Your Heartbreak

Valentine’s day is coming, which means we’ll soon be smothered by arguably the most romantic day of the year. This doesn’t make it easy for those of us going through a breakup. Breakups may suck now, but they usually happen for a good reason. Not all relationships are meant to last. If you are someone stuck in a breakup-slump, here’s my list of the top five movies to help you get over your heartbreak.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This one is a classic. Forgetting Sarah Marshall follows the story of Peter who takes a vacation to Hawaii to help him get over his breakup with his TV actress ex-girlfriend, Sarah. As luck would have it, she comes to the same resort​​—with her new famous boyfriend. This movie takes you on an emotional and laughter-filled journey through all the stages of a breakup, from the intense sadness to finally learning how to come alive and be yourself again. At the end, you’ll be left feeling like you’ll be okay again.

Legally Blonde

Another classic, this time with a powerful female lead. Legally Blonde follows the story of Elle Woods who gets into Harvard Law School—I repeat, Harvard Law School—just to win back her ex. What, like it’s hard? This experience shows her (and the rest of the world) that she’s more than just her looks and she definitely doesn’t need a shallow man holding her back. If anything, this movie just goes to show that the badass inside of you is just waiting to be set free. At least now, there’s no man holding you back.

La la land

La La Land follows the love story of an aspiring actress and a struggling jazz musician who wants to open his own club. Their career aspirations and individual ambitions strain their relationship, forcing them to make tough decisions. I especially love this movie because it shows just how much relationships shape who we are. Sometimes relationships don’t work out for one reason or another, but they help us grow. Breakups may even act as the push needed to help us change our lives for the better.

Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind follows the story of Joel who undergoes a procedure to have memories of his ex-girlfriend, Clementine, removed after he found out she did the same. The process of reliving his memories and having them erased has him questioning if these memories are worth keeping after all. This movie highlights the painful experience of losing someone you once loved and really forces you to introspect. When the pain eventually dissipates, there’s no shame in acknowledging how much someone once meant to you; ignorance isn’t always bliss.

John tucker must die

John Tucker Must Die follows the story of three scorned ex-girlfriends conspiring with the new girl to get revenge on their cheating ex. All the new girl has to do is make him fall in love and break his heart. But what if her feelings get in the way of that? This movie is just so satisfying to watch and a perfect way to channel any residual rage you might have towards your ex.

Hopefully, these movies help you mend your broken heart!

Nithusa is a fifth-year science student at McMaster. She is passionate about writing, and HerCampus gives her the opportunity to channel her creativity.
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