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Is Manifestation Actually Real? How to Find Out and Try It Out for Yourself

Manifestation is a word we’ve been hearing a lot of these days. What is manifestation? Is it possible to “manifest” your dream life? How do I know if I’m doing it correctly? are normal thoughts to have. Manifestation can seem like a tricky concept to grasp but let me break it down for you to show you that it’s actually quite simple! 

Manifestation can have many definitions. To summarize, it’s the idea that through thoughts, actions and beliefs, you can make a desire come to life. Manifesting is very similar to what most people know as The Law of Attraction, meaning that what you “put out” will come back. 

A good thing to note is that manifestation doesn’t solely need to be directed towards material goods. Manifestation can be directed towards a new friendship in your life, a job opportunity, or even getting over that ex you’ve been missing. 

However, you can’t manifest what you want if you don’t truly believe it can be yours. Say you wish to manifest a new blossoming friendship. Are you stuck in your limiting beliefs that you just aren’t ‘good enough?’. Do you spend your days wanting a new friend but telling yourself you’ll never find one? Dr. Joe Dispenza who wrote: You Are The Placebo, explained that you can manifest for an hour a day every single day, but if you spend the next 23 hours of your life thinking about how it will never happen, it won’t. If you want a new blossoming friendship to enter your life, you need to embody that. For example, how are your other friendships? Do you put love and effort into them? Do you treat them as you wish to be treated by them? Manifesting a good friend can be done by simply embodying what a good friend is, as well as being grateful for the relationships that you currently have. If you’re trying to manifest something based on a “need” or are obsessed with a particular outcome, this outcome won’t come to fruition because you aren’t coming from a place of gratitude. 

Let’s say you got the gist, how can you begin manifesting?  

Step One:

Before you manifest, make sure you’re coming from a place of higher vibration. Think of the feeling of coming out of a hard workout, dancing around in your living room, or seeing your friends that you haven't seen in a while. Those feelings are higher vibrational feelings that help connect you to yourself and to light. Coming from a place of higher vibration is key to manifesting quicker.

Step Two:

You can manifest in MANY different ways! Once your vibration is high, it’s now time to put what you want out into the world. You can do this with a visualization meditation where you clearly envision what you are manifesting. You can also write what you desire into your journal. You can even manifest by closing your eyes and repeating what you desire out loud a few times while you are waiting in line for something! Manifesting is more about what you put out rather than how you put it out. Here are two helpful tips when you reached this stage of manifesting:

  1. Write it out in present tense: It’s important to write out your manifestations in the present tense as if they already happened. This is important because if you already imagine that something is yours, you are a) staying in an abundance-based mindset and b) setting biological blueprints in your brain that’ll help you see more of what you manifested into your daily life, as your brain believes what you want is already yours. If you don’t believe me, Google the reticular activating system. 
  2. Be specific: Instead of saying “I want a dog,” try thinking, “I have a German shepherd named Jack.” Don’t forget the present tense! If you’re visualizing, be specific in your visualizations - what does this dog look like? What are you doing? How do you feel? Who else is with you? It’s important to be as specific as possible. 

Step Three:

Practice non-attachment! As mentioned earlier, if you’re obsessed with a desired outcome, you’re coming from a place of “need.” Remember that what you want is out there, and it will come to you when the time is right. Don’t fixate on the outcome. Remind yourself that there is enough to go around and all you have to do is embody whatever it is you are desiring, without being attached to “needing” it to happen. 

There is no limit to what you can manifest! Happy Manifesting! 

Alisha Nagi

McMaster '23

Alisha is a second year Human Behaviour student. She loves to read and learn about things she's passionate about, especially the human spirit, mind, and body. Her connection with other people will always be what is more important to her. She has no idea where she will end up after university, but believes there is power in doing her best and seeing where life takes her.
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