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How I Incorporated Doing Nothing Into My Daily Schedule

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McMaster chapter.

Rise and Grind. Time is Money. Hustle Hard.  

How many times have we heard these phrases? We’ve been told that embracing the hustle is the path to success. Every day, we’re expected to get up and “get that bag”.  

In contrast, how many times have we been told to take a day off? Have you heard anyone say that embracing silence is your path to a clearer mind or that doing nothing is beneficial for you? 

With the recent increase in hustle culture, we often find ourselves unaware of the engulfing chaos that surrounds us. There is pressure to be doing something at all times, whether it be building our careers, working to earn money, or anything remotely productive. If you’re sitting around trying to take a break, you’re seen as lazy and unmotivated. What we often don’t realize is that this mindset is the cause of our burnout, hence, our lack of creativity and energy to do things that we would usually find enjoyment in.  

When I discovered that I had major burnout after only three weeks of classes, I decided to master the art of doing nothing. Despite the upcoming deadlines, I knew that giving myself a break would allow me to return with a clearer mind and consequently, do better. At first, it was tough doing nothing, to stop my mind from stressing about the work that I could have been completing in that time. After some research, and lots of practice, I figured out the best way for me to do nothing. First off, I schedule a time to do nothing so that I can find a balance, whether it be 10-minute intervals during the day or a few hours every week. Then, I hide my phone, leave the space I study in, and move to a cozy place where I can observe nature. Next, I sit there and watch everything unfold in front of me, how the wind blows the leaves on the trees, the squirrels scurrying around, and people walking by. I let my mind wander sometimes, thinking about anything. The tricky part is always removing thoughts that bring me stress, but it becomes much easier with time. Nowadays, I take these “nothing breaks” every few hours, staring outside and letting my mind refresh itself.  

It is important to understand that everyone’s definition or way of doing nothing can be different. It is a reminder that not everything we do has to be useful! We can take time for ourselves, elevate our minds, and stay present in the moment we are currently in.  

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Krisha Mehta

McMaster '24

Krisha Mehta is a part-time writer at the Her Campus at McMaster Chapter. In this role, she writes about a variety of engaging and current topics. Currently in her fourth year at McMaster University, she is pursuing a Media Arts and Communication Studies major, eventually hoping to work in the public relations industry. Beyond Her Campus, Krisha is the VP of Marketing for the Communications and Media Arts Society at McMaster, as well as the Social Media Coordinator for United for Literacy, a non-profit organization focused on improving access to education. In her free time, you can find Krisha going out on hikes, spending time with her roommates, or rewatching The Office! https://www.linkedin.com/in/krishamehta323/