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Five Christmas Movies You Should Watch This Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again where you can cuddle into your softest blanket, have a nice mug of hot chocolate and a pet to snuggle next to, while snow falls ever so elegantly to cover the streets of Canada. And as tradition goes, here are five movies that you should watch this December to help complete the holiday!

Happiest season (2020)

We’re starting this list giving a shout-out to the sapphics! Happiest Season, directed by Clea DuVall, stars Kristen Stewart, who plays Abby, and Mackenzie Davis, who plays her girlfriend Harper. Abby gets roped into Harper’s annual holiday party just before finding out that Harper hasn’t yet come out to her conservative parents. Although a rom-com, this movie does have a surprising amount of depth and emotion that typical straight Hallmark romantic comedies don’t have. As much as I wanted to list Carol (2015), this feels more appropriate as it does have its teary moments but has enough heart and optimism to leave you feeling great afterward.

Home Alone (1990)

If 10-year-old me had the power to choose which holiday movie to put on, this would be my first choice every single time. It’s almost impossible not to include Home Alone. Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin, accidentally gets left behind by his family who went on vacation. Kevin then spends the rest of the movie defending his home from two con men who plan to rob the house. Home Alone does everything right with its cinematography, slapstick humour, and creativity. But despite the PG violence, it does have a sentimental ending that just epitomizes the holiday spirit.

ELF (2003)

Speaking of the holiday spirit, Elf stars Will Ferrell, who plays Buddy, a human who grew up at the North Pole living under the impression that he’s an elf, despite growing up without the necessary skills of toy making. Will Ferrell does so much to elevate this movie with his acting and overall positive energy. Elf just oozes comfort movie vibes. The purity of Buddy as he tries to integrate into the adult world feels like our own childhood trying to fit into our adult lives. It’s a heartfelt movie that is nothing short of hilarious and one that has the power to brighten up the mood of anyone who watches it.

The nightmare before christmas (1993)

It would have been disrespectful if I hadn’t incorporated an animated movie, much less leave out The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you’re like me and the Halloween energy still lives within you even after October, this movie helps satisfy those needs. This film follows Jack Skellington and his adventures outside of Halloweentown and into Christmastown. Mishaps occur and an onslaught of characters are presented that you can’t help but love. Tim Burton’s claymation is unbeatable and despite being from the 90s, does not feel outdated at all; it only enhances the nostalgia. Watch it with the kids and adults and trust that everyone will be equally invested.

It’s a wonderful life (1946)

I apologize for being completely predictable, but what else could I have listed? This Frank Capra classic is nothing more than the epitome of Christmas. It’s the movie they made Christmas cliches out of. George Bailey unfortunately finds himself almost committing suicide on Christmas Eve. Fortunately, Clarence, his guardian angel, steps in and shows him all the lives that he has touched by showing him the lives of his loved ones if he wasn’t born. This movie has everything that you could want in a classic Christmas movie. It makes you teary-eyed, presents you with life lessons, and makes you cherish your life and your loved ones. It remains timeless with its themes of kindness and generosity, which is exactly what the holidays are about.

Krissie Cruz

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Krissie is currently a second-year political science student with a specialization in public law and judicial studies. In her free time, she invests her time in reading, taking film photography, and curating oddly specific Spotify playlists.
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