5 Reasons Why Lizzo is my Hero

My favourite thing to do with my friends is have a Lizzo dance party. Anytime we need to be reminded of how amazing we are, we crank up any song from Cuz I Love You, and in an instant, we feel the power of music as we celebrate our bodies and voices. Lizzo is a hero for all, and a beacon of hope for every person who’s been told they weren’t enough – here are 5 reasons why:

  1. 1. She’s 100% That B*tch

    Lizzo is a big beautiful Black icon for all the ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary friends out there; her confidence is contagious. You can’t help but feel “Good as Hell” when you listen to her music or watch her perform. She won three Grammy Awards in 2020 of eight nominations and is the first big Black woman to be featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine. In addition, she has used her voice and platform for good, encouraging young voters in the 2020 presidential election to vote and advocating for Black lives everywhere. Lizzo is living proof that confidence isn’t something you get, but rather something you choose. She doesn’t have self-love; she is self-love. Through every song, note, photoshoot, and interview, Lizzo chooses to be her authentic self. 

  2. 2. Her Song “Soulmate” is My Self-Love ANTHEM

    If you have never heard “Soulmate”, please go listen to it here. If you have ever questioned your worth or evaluated your worth by your partner or lack there-of, this song is for you. It is an anthem of self-confidence, especially for womxn who have long been told by society that they need to have a man by their side to amount for something. Ultimately, all we have is ourselves, and this song preaches singleness. We don’t have to be lonely if we like who we are, and Lizzo shows us how much more within reach everything feels with a little bit of confidence and self-love.

  3. 3. Her Instagram Handle is @lizzobeeating (“Lizzo Be Eating”)

    Let’s talk about fatphobia. Lizzo likes to eat. Every person on this planet likes to eat. The problem, however, is that few can admit to their love of food. Society shames fat people for eating because they assume fat people are fat because of how much they eat, a statement that is fundamentally wrong. Fat shaming and fatphobia run rampant on social media, but in Lizzo’s corner of the internet, we renounce diet culture. Lizzo preaches well-being over size. She is a proud, healthy, fat Black woman who eats what she wants and works out when she wants, because only she knows what she needs.  Lizzo encourages us to take care of ourselves by doing just that: focusing on ourselves. That means refraining from telling other people what you think they ‘need’, what they should look like, or how they should act. So, yeah, Lizzo be eating.

  4. 4. If Joy Had A Sound, It Would Be Lizzo’s Laugh

    I recently watched an interview Lizzo did with David Letterman on his Netflix show, My Next Guest, this month. If you’re not familiar with David Letterman, he is a funny guy, and every time he said something funny, Lizzo’s laugh was *pure joy*. She gloriously belts laughter that booms from her gut. It’s absolutely genuine and totally infectious.

  5. 5. She Has an Instagram Account For Her Flute, Sasha @sashabefluting

    Lizzo and her shiny Sasha flute. Has there ever been a more iconic duo? Sasha flute has been Lizzo’s sidekick since she was a little girl when she played in her school band. Lizzo somehow manages to marry the sound of classical flute with rap and make it sound a-ma-zing. If you want to hear Sasha Flute really go off, listen to “Coconut Oil”. Someone who can play the flute that brilliantly can’t not name their flute. I mean, come on?

I hope that Lizzo and Sasha Flute can inspire you to show yourself some extra love today. Feel free to be your beautiful, imperfect, and authentic self.  I hope that after reading this, you get up and have your own solo Lizzo dance party (start off with “Truth Hurts” to get your body moving). Dance like the whole world is watching!