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5 Black-Owned Businesses to Support in Hamilton

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McMaster chapter.

As Black History Month slowly comes to an end, I think it’s important to remember to celebrate black-owned businesses not just in the month of February but all year around. Whether you want to do a little shopping, find a new restaurant to eat with your friends, or get your hair done, there are plenty of black-owned businesses in Hamilton that could fulfill those needs.

Here are five that you should check out!


46 James St N, Hamilton

Okay, this is a bit of a biased pick from me. Whenever I can afford to spoil myself every once in a while, I order Afrolicious on Uber Eats. I usually drop way too much money on it, but I can promise you it’s more than worth it. From their website, they say that they’re family-owned and operated, inspired by African and multiethnic cuisines. They also take in bookings for catering services. My go-to order is their samosas and the afro-curry, which I could not recommend enough.

Bar Sazerac

278 James St N, Hamilton

This one’s more for the older crowd. Bar Sazerac takes its cocktails seriously and sees cocktail-making as more of an art. Their menu is littered with creativity and is based on movies, books, and places. As you look through their array of drinks, it takes you on a journey and prioritizes telling stories. Owner Kyle Ferreira goes out of his way to credit his wife and his brother for helping develop their identity. If you’re in the mood for a drink and a cozy environment, stop over at James Street North and experience Bar Sazerac yourself!


Lodidthat is a Hamilton-based hairstylist who has garnered herself a bit of an influencer status with her long list of achievements. According to her Instagram bio, she’s styled for some films and television shows and has even earned a few awards. Her Instagram page gives the best summary of what she does, the fundraisers that she promotes, and other businesses that she’s a part of. She constantly uplifts other women entrepreneurs. You can book an appointment with her through email or through the link in her Instagram bio and make sure you keep up with all the future events she has in store!

Icarus Apparel & Alterations

Icarus Apparel & Alterations is a business founded by Kiona Harrison, a self-taught sewer. All her products are handmade in Hamilton and her brand focuses on sustainable fashion sourced locally in Canada. On her website, you can see the slew of products that she sells which includes scrunchies, bags, hats, and even her very own Introductory sewing booklet! Her business was featured at an event at McMaster University where she got to show off some of her products at the McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC) for an event that spotlighted several black-owned businesses and products.

The Juice Kitchen

560 Concession St, Hamilton

Last but not least, we have The Juice Kitchen. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, I recommend a pit stop at this smoothie and juice bar. They also offer food options to pair with their drinks if you were to order a combo. They’re well-versed in juice-ology and pride themselves in a healthier lifestyle. When visiting, you just might be lucky enough to see some new specials. All their ingredients are locally sourced and are fresh and organic. Go check them out when you can!

Just to clarify, this is a short list of black-owned businesses! There are several out there that deserve their own spotlight. The website blkowned.ca has a plethora of other Hamilton-based black-owned businesses that you should check out!

Krissie Cruz is a National Writer for the Wellness department and a contributor to the Her Campus McMaster chapter. She writes a slew of topics but primarily focuses on all things culture, wellness and life. Aside from Her Campus, Krissie is currently a fourth-year political science student with a specialization in public law and judicial studies. She also has a minor in philosophy and an interest in applied social sciences research. Although her initial dream was to pursue law, her passion for writing has led her to a future in the publishing industry. Despite a shift in interests, politics and social justice hold a special place in her heart. In her free time, she spends hours binge-reading, taking film photography, and curating oddly specific Spotify playlists. She’s an active participant in the queer Toronto space by attending events and if her schedule allows it, volunteering for Pride Toronto.