Tiny Ways To Get Out of a Slump

One of the worst things about falling into a slump is trying to get out of it. You’ve probably experienced this phenomenon—it can happen when you’ve been in bed too long, when you’re procrastinating on your work, when something bad happened that day and you can’t get it off your mind. You fall into this emotional pit where you have no motivation and simple tasks feel impossible.

Getting out of a slump is easier than you think, though; you may just need a reminder of the many small ways out there to make yourself feel productive. Here are some of my quick, tiny tasks you can do to feel more productive, more on top of things, and more ready to tackle the day:


  1. Put on clean clothes.

  2. Brush your teeth.

  3. Wash your face.

  4. Stretch your arms and legs.

  5. Open your curtains.

  6. File and paint your nails.

  7. Make your bed.

  8. Change your sheets and pillowcases.

  9. Throw out trash in your room.

  10. Take a shower with nice-smelling soap.

  11. Dance and flop around your room.

  12. Clean the top of your desk.

  13. Listen to an upbeat or nostalgic song.

  14. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee.

  15. Organize your backpack or purse.

  16. Review and fill in your planner for this week.

  17. Put on lotion.

  18. Respond to any lingering emails.

  19. Write a to-do list of any work you have to do.

  20. Text one friend just to say “hi.”

  21. Take a 5 minute walk and get some sun.

  22. Shut off your phone for an hour.

  23. Write a list of things you’re grateful for.

  24. Throw in a load of laundry.

  25. Delete and organize files on your computer.

  26. Call a family member.

  27. Post a picture on social media.

  28. Organize the pictures and apps on your phone.

  29. Put old clothes in a bag to be donated.

  30. Brainstorm ideas for a creative project.

  31. Read something you love.

  32. Throw out expired food.

  33. Make a Pinterest board.

  34. Meditate for two minutes.

  35. Hug someone you love.


These are just a few ways to get yourself moving. Remember to reward yourself for the little tasks you accomplish, as they will give you the momentum to accomplish bigger things on your plate.