Thinking Positive: It Is Possible

A year ago, I never would have thought I would make it this far. I was merely going through the days as a zombie. You would rarely see a smile on my face, especially during my early morning classes. Actually living my life became something I never thought possible. In October of 2018 I ended up in the hospital following an attempt to end my life. This may come as a shock to some, because now I am the type of person who wakes up and is happy to see another day. I wake up tired most days, but I am happy to be able to live life. I feel as though I’ve been given a second shot at life.

I was the most pessimistic person you would have ever met a year ago, and even into the beginning of this year. Something changed inside of me within the last few months. I realized how great life can be. I finally noticed that I do not have to be negative about every little aspect of life. Life is a learning experience; you meet new people, do new things, find new hobbies and much more. I do not dwell on the negatives anymore, I only focus myself on the positives. I have found a sense of peace within myself, and I couldn’t be more grateful that I have. My past is in the past, and all of the trauma I have endured has made me a stronger person.

Focusing on my mental health has made me the person I am today. Of course, I am just like any other person—I do have my bad days, but I understand why it happens and I now know better coping strategies to deal with those bad days. Thinking positively has helped me get out of bed on the days when I feel like I can’t do anything. I know I am capable of great things; I just need to apply myself. Even by just telling myself “you CAN do this” helps me in ways I never could have imagined (as corny as it is to say). Thinking positively can have a huge impact on your life mentally, emotionally and even physically!

This semester so far has been anything but easy with my course load and clubs, but I know that I can get through it. I have more faith in myself than I have ever had in my life. Of course, I have others who push me to always do my best, but I am ultimately doing this myself. I have always felt the need to depend on others to be happy, but I found a way to do this on my own. Every day I wake up thinking, “I’m going to try my best today, no matter how hard it is.” Sometimes my best is only getting to my classes and then taking a nap, but I still got up and did something. This is a huge change for me, in the past I would stay in bed all day. Through positivity and having faith in myself, I am finally happy with life and myself.

It is possible. Life is possible. A good life can be achieved! Work hard and try your best, every day. Positivity is the key to life. There are so many bad things in the world, do your best to be your best self. You can do it!