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To my very first roommate,

You were my first friend coming into college. You are the person that makes me laugh the most. You are my number one. You are the most beautiful soul that I know. You make me smile when I have no reason to. You make me laugh when I’m crying. (You also make me laugh so hard I cry!)

It is only our first semester of college and already we have made countless memories and a friendship that will last beyond the bounds of time. You know more about me than anyone else I know. You accept me for who I am and love me regardless of what happens. I want to relive all of these memories with you and share them with the world. One day you will be able to look back on these times and you’ll smile and laugh as much then as you will now.

Do you remember the first movie we watched together? We were laying in my bed together snuggled up with blankets and pillows. You had made popcorn while I put The Proposal into the DVD player. You hopped on up and we watched the entire thing. We laughed together throughout the good, you squeezed my hand during the bad. I wrapped my arms around you and let you cry over the sad. But by the end of the movie, we were both much happier. It was a well-deserved bonding time.

Do you remember the first time you dyed your hair? We had gone out to Rite-Aid and gotten you the color you wanted. At first, you weren’t sure how drastic of a change you wanted, but you opted for red. We went to the bathroom with a speaker and the color. You trusted me entirely (which was pretty great for it being my first time dyeing hair). We laughed while I tried to memorize all of the instructions, struggled to open the bottles, and splashed some on the tile floor. After 30 minutes, maybe more, your hair was finally done. I could already see it changing color. We did face masks and sang to Disney music while we waited for your hair to finish setting.

Do you remember the night we spent $40 on dinner? We were both having a rough night and we missed dinner. We needed to have a night to ourselves, needed to forget the rest of the world, and needed to eat very badly. We ordered spaghetti with meat sauce, a salad, garlic bread, cheesecake, mozzarella sticks, and a few extra sides. We laid blankets down on the floor and sat together singing loudly to all different kinds of music.

Do you remember the many times we sat crying with each other? So many mental breakdowns, so many tears, so many stupid things that happened. But you were always there for me. And I was always there for you. And I know that will never change.

My wonderful girl, my beautiful friend, my most treasured friendship. You and I will be friends today, tomorrow, and always. Not sisters by blood, but sisters by heart.


Ellie is a Junior at MCLA, currently studying Creative Writing, Musical Performance, and Arts Management. She writes stories, poems, music, and now articles, digging around in her own life for inspiration. Ellie desires to travel the world, seeking inspiration as well as to build a large array of memories to look back on long down the road. So far, she has been to Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Slovenia, with France and The Netherlands on her list of where to go next. In her free time, Ellie pretends she is a professional video gamer, competing against friends and family.
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