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I’m getting a tattoo behind the ear and I’m extremely nervous

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MCLA chapter.

So, on Friday, February 21, 2020, I will be getting a tattoo that will be going behind my left ear. Now, this tattoo isn’t something detailed and it won’t take a lot of time. All I’m getting is a zodiac cancer symbol in a grayish-blue color. As you can tell, nothing extreme. However, it’s the placement that is making me nervous. Keep in mind, I am the one that chose the placement and decided that would be a good place to put it. I’ve gotten tattoos that have been on a bone before (both spiral tattoos I have are on my ankle, right on the bone and my paw print is going a little into my shoulder blade), and while yes they hurt quite a bit, there was at least some muscle to layer it so that it wasn’t directly on bone. But not this kind of tattoo.

With the placement, there is almost no muscle behind your ear, and while there is some in a very thin layer, it is so thin that you can immediately feel the bone behind the ear. Because of this, it is making me extremely nervous. With these kinds of tattoos, the tattooer would need to be extremely careful because of how sensitive the area is. The one that I go to I trust a lot, since he’s done six out of my seven tattoos, and he knows what’s best, so I know I am in good hands. Even though I know I’m in good hands and it won’t be as bad as I think, I still get nervous and sick to my stomach thinking about it.

The reason I’m getting this tattoo is because I feel as even though a lot of people say, “your zodiac sign doesn’t define you and it’s all a myth,” that’s other people’s opinion. I’m a cancer, born July 10, and I’m perfectly fine embracing that. Before I even knew about zodiac signs and all of that, I’ve always been a cry baby, the “mother friend,” always thinking of others, etc. This is just who I am and that fact that there is a name to that helps with what I can do to represent that. Finding out what being a cancer means, and looking at it and thinking “holy shit, this is pretty accurate.” Some people will give me shit about it, but I don’t care about that. The other reason I’m getting this is because I’ve been on a tattoo kick lately and, while this isn’t a bad thing, I’ve gotten a whole tattoo, and a big touch up on a semi big tattoo, so as you can tell, my kick is bad. Because of the placement of this tattoo and the amount of pain I’m probably going to be in, this will help me calm down with it so I’m not getting one every two weeks. While I do plan on getting another one in the beginning of April, this will be a “wake up call” of some sorts and calm me down with getting tattoos.

Krystal is a Psychology major with a minor in Biology and in Behavior Analysis currently as a junior. She is Co-Campus Correspondent and a staff writer for Her Campus MCLA. She is someone who is a firm believer in mental health awareness, bisexuality awareness and weird but working coping mechanisms as some of her articles have shown. She also has a passion for expressing oneself in very unique ways. Krystal loves art, music, science, dyeing her hair and tattoos.