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Who knows how long this will last. Can never leave the thought of her in the past. Her smile makes my heart beat fast even when I’m being sassed. I know she never asked, but here I am telling her how I feel at last.


I can write a whole paragraph about her laugh. I can’t help but take a million photographs cause someday she’ll be signing autographs.


Her eyes are bright which gives me a reason to write. She’s not always good in white but she might always be right. Pretty sure she prefers the night, which is alright, because she makes her own light.


She’s got me blind. She’s a mastermind but so kind. Smile so defined gives me peace of mind. Even on my unconscious mind I still wish she was mine, but it’s fine. She usually gets drunk off wine, always watching vines, pretending everything’s fine.


The more time I spend with her, the more time I imagine beside her. I always have her stuck in my head as I lay in my bed. Thinking she should be here just simply wishing she was near. Of course this brings fear but never a tear.


It’s just a crush but my friends keep telling me to shush. But they don’t know she gives me a rush, always making me blush.


I can’t help but look. This probably goes against the friend rule book but who cares if I’m a crook. Little does she know I could write a whole book just based off her beauty which leaves me shook.


We’re not always the same which is sometimes lame. I’m not trying to play a game, it’s a shame she ain’t in a hall of fame. She’s picture perfect, put her in a frame. Things aren’t the same, even the sound of her name makes me feel some type of way.


I know anyone can call me “hun” but when she says it I feel like I should run. But I’m just having fun because she is as hot as the morning sun. I guess you could say she’s my number one and I’m not just trying to pull a fast one.


I’m just simply stating we should be dating. She’s so frustrating when she leaves my call waiting. I don’t want you to be mistaking though, she’s absolutely captivating which leads to trouble concentrating. Regardless, she’s always motivating.


I’m not trying to make a mess. I just feel I should confess. Maybe she could guess but who knows if these feelings will progress. I’m under constant stress but when I’m with her it’s always much less. She never fails to impress, I can’t help but obsess, look at her and say “God bless”.



Meghan is a sophomore who majors in Psychology with a minor in behavior analysis. She is one of the two campus correspondents of the MCLA chapter. Writing has become first nature for her- it's like riding a bike into paradise. She primarily writes about love with the hope to become the female version of Nicholas Sparks someday.
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