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Today, the 14th of February

marks the tears dripping from a single eye, not two. 

Today marks the crowds of flowers pressing each petal against each other,

while the single bloomers stand unsheltered in the winter winds. 

Today marks the adhesive lips competing with the friendly gestures. 

Today marks the sugar-glazed treats making homes on our tongues, 

dissolving into



The tear is from the joy

that the loving world shares,

exposed to the naked eye more than ever on this day. 

The resilient flower locks its roots beneath the soil,

no matter how aggressive its stormy life may be. 

The sisterhood, the brotherhood, the communities we build 

are stronger than just a future-fleeting lover. 

The pleasures you can give yourself,

lay flat on a platter to be


as you please. 



















I am a 21 year old artist fond of funk, creativity, humor, and kindness.
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