Quick Tips for Winter in Montreal

Finals season is quickly approaching with two weeks to go and the winter is approaching even faster (it’s kind of already here). With the arrival of sub-zero weather, here are some quick tips to stay warm. Remember this isn’t even “cold” cold in Montreal yet. 


1. Get a Hat


A hoodie is not going to cut it with wind chill. Your ears will thank you. You lose a lot more heat through your head than you realize.


2. Layer, LAYER, LAYER!


Yes, your expensive down winter parka is extremely warm, but it is not enough. You need to wear layers to keep your heat in. 


3. Vitamin D


Short days and long nights make for a dark 24 hours. Vitamin D or multivitamins can keep you on the top of your game. 


4. Thermal Winter Socks


Don’t forget about your extremities! When we think about winter clothes, we often think of big winter jackets or heavy sweaters, but when you’re walking over a layer of ice all day, your toes will freeze.


5. Keep yourself physically healthy


It’s easy to let your mental health quickly deteriorate while you’re locking yourself in your house instead of going out into the cold. Make sure you keep active whether it be doing some at-home workouts (check out one of my older articles here) or going ice skating or just exploring the Old Port. 



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