5 Female Youtubers You Can Work Out With in Your Dorm Room

At McGill, the fitness centre is tragically not free for students. If you don’t want to pay the membership fee, don’t have time to trek to the gym, or are simply too lazy to leave your room (me), hopefully this article inspires you to get some endorphins running. All of these Youtubers, and many more not mentioned, are great options for those lacking space or equipment —so there’s really no excuse.


1. Cassey Ho/Blogilates

Cassey is my favorite youtuber to work out with by far. Most of her videos require no equipment besides a yoga mat, though you can always add weights if you want. As one of the first internet pop pilates instructors, Cassey’s vibrant personality will keep you going through her workouts. Join her army of nearly 5 million followers and see how hard bodyweight workouts can really be. (Her specialty is abs!)


2. Rebecca Louise

With a southern British accent and amazing beach views, Rebecca Louise has everything you’re looking for. She has videos for every workout imaginable as well as motivational, self-care content and honest, vulnerable videos about her experiences. I highly recommend her channel if you tend to get bored of your workout easily since she offers a lot of different ones.

3. Sydney Cummings

If you’re looking for a killer workout (where you’ll wake up the next day and be unable to move), check out Sydney Cummings. Instead of having to watch multiple videos in during a single session, Sydney’s videos are up to an hour long and all you need is a yoga mat and optional free weights. I really appreciate the timer she puts in the corner of her videos so I always know how far into the workout I’m in.

4. Sarah Beth

I used to do her “15 Minute Morning Yoga Routine” all the time. On her channel, SarahBethYoga, there are videos ranging from 5 to 60 min so you can pick how long you’d like to workout. She has yoga routines for strength training, improving flexibility, relaxation, and even for alleviating menstrual cramps. Also, since it’s yoga, all you need is your mat or a soft surface like a carpet. 

5. POPSUGAR Fitness

Technically this isn’t just one youtuber, but it is a Youtube channel. If you get bored with conventional workouts, this one might be for you. There’s a ton of HIIT and dance workouts to keep you engaged. HIIT workouts have you doing short bursts of really hard tasks with short breaks in between so it’s never just a prolonged, mindless workout. Dancing is also a great way to get your exercise in. I barely notice how hard I’m working if there’s a great song playing (think of it like wholesome clubbing minus the drinking).