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The New Girl in Town: The Glared

Word has it, there’s a new girl in town – she’s fierce, she’s dazzling, and she’s here to spice up your wardrobe. A new jewelry company, The Glared, just launched this month. Her fresh new face has certainly caught our attention as well as many other McGillians after seeing them at the Fashion Business Uncovered event at McGill. So what is The Glared? Why is this jewelry company special? Why should we look out for what’s more to come from them? To find out, Her Campus had a chat with the founder, Melisa Raptopulos to find out what makes this new company so special.

Turns out, Melisa is not so much of a stranger to us. She graduated from McGill in June, and she took the leap to launch her own jewelry company with her boyfriend. When asked about why she picked the name The Glared and what it means to her, she told us that it represents everyone’s different personalities. Each and every one of our personalities are special and sparkle with beauty and that’s what she wants her jewelry to represent.

Just by browsing on The Glared website, we can see that this is true. The jewelry all seem to have one thing in common: they’re simple and delicate, yet have a special touch to each and every one of them. Even the boxes the jewelry comes in are unique and beautifully crafted, packaged in a simple, luxurious velvet bag. Melisa explained that her inspiration for this style of jewelry comes from her Turkish background. She told us that you can see a lot of Turkish women wearing a lot of simple, minimalistic jewelry with their outfits. We couldn’t help but notice how this translated to The Glared, with the earrings Melisa were wearing. A simple, red stud in one year but a sparkling dangle earring on the other ear completed her effortlessly chic, unique look.

We asked Melisa what she wants The Glared to stand for and she gave us a simple, yet inspiring answer: she wants The Glared to be a little joyful surprise added to each and every customer’s journey. With a mission to shed light on every individual’s story, we’re certainly excited to see how The Glared will continue to add little sparkling pieces to our lives.

You can find The Glared on their website (www.theglared.com), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/theglared/), and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/theglared/).


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