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Halloween Apartment Decor Inspo for a Student on a Budget

Spooky season is finally here and the only thing spookier than Halloween is the realization that your bank account cannot handle all the costumes and decorations you’re about to buy. Here are some of my favorite suggestions to make your apartment or dorm room look festive without breaking the bank!   

Mini Pumpkins ($1-5) 

Mini pumpkins are a cheaper alternative to larger pumpkins you have to lug home. They can be placed on your table, on the shelf, on the window sill, or any other part of your house. Mix it up by getting some white ones or lighter orange ones to make your room look even more festive!

Downloadable Prints ($5-10)

Cheap instant download prints are a great way to add some fun quotes around your place, which can be left unframed or framed. You can download the print at home, saving you a trip to the store.

Orange String Lights ($10)

String lights always make a home feel cozier, and you can get into the Halloween spirit by finding mini pumpkin or orange string lights. String lights can be easily hung up with tape or little hooks/nails.

DIY Paper Cutouts ($2)

The only materials you’ll need for these cute and easy decorations are a pair of scissors, some construction paper, and tape! You can make DIY cutouts of almost anything, but some of my favorite spooky decor would be bats, pumpkins, ghosts, or candy corn. 

Happy decorating!






Maddy Evans

McGill '22

Maddy is a freshman at McGill University, where she is pursuing a major in Political Science and a double minor in Spanish and Arabic. Originally from Connecticut, you can find Maddy traveling around the world with her camera and journal in hand. When in Montreal, she will most definitely be studying in a coffee shop, wandering through an art museum, or exploring the city!
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