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Her Campus McGill had the opportunity to interview Chloe Hille, the VP Academics of McGill Anatomy and Cell Biology Students’ Society AND the President of Alpha Tau chapter of Gamma Phi Beta sorority. She is a committed, motivated and positive McGill campus celeb and below, she shares her experiences as an executive member of TWO student organizations. Want to know about this future #GirlBoss? Continue reading!

Averie Hah from Her Campus McGill (HC McGill): Tell us a little bit about McGill Anatomy and Cell Biology Students’ Society (MACSS). What is it, and what do you do?

Chloe Hille (CH): MACSS is a student run organization that helps to support the Anatomy undergraduates and give them the resources that they may need to be successful and to enjoy the program. We organize events ranging from apartment crawls to career and research fairs, and have been working on updating our building to make it a more safe and effective environment for students.

HC McGill: What is your role as the VP Academics?

CH: My position is actually a partnered position, so I work with my best friend, Alvin (#chlovin). We make sure the note taking clubs (“NTCs”) for our courses are effective, plan social events to network with the Anatomy administration, and provide opportunities for research and planning beyond undergrad which can be daunting for most students.

HC McGill: Then as the VP Academics, you must have a certain outlook or goals for this club — can you share them with us?

CH: I think one of our biggest goals is just more communication with the department.  We want to tailor all of our events to them so just knowing what they need, and making them comfortable with all the resources we have available is really important.

HC McGill: What are some of the things you have or the club has done that you are the most proud of ?

CH: This year’s council has been working on a lot of huge projects!  Some of those include installing an interactive TV, 3D printer, and AED in the Anatomy building, as well as holding more research and career based seminars- we’re really putting an effort into going above and beyond having just social events. 

(MACSS Executive Team)

HC McGill: On the other hand, what are some of the difficulties you have to face?

CH: We are a really big department so one of the things we struggle with is just meeting the needs of a really diverse group of students.

HC McGill: You are also the new president of Gamma Phi Beta sorority. What made you want to be the president considering you also have a significant role in a different student club?

CH: I was on the executive team of Gamma Phi for the past two years and I just found that the more involved I was, the more positive of an experience it became for me.  This year I wanted to be in a position where I could make necessary changes so that everyone could have the experience that I was having.  I also received a lot of support from other members.  I probably wouldn’t have ran for the position without their extra push.  

(Ladies of Gamma Phi Beta)

HC McGill: You must have so much work with school, clubs, and also social life. How are you balancing it all?

CH: For me, internal motivation plays a big role.  When you participate in things that you are genuinely passionate about, it becomes easier to make them a priority and not push things to the last minute.  A lot of the things I do also overlap- being on MACSS gives me so many tools to be successful in my courses, Gamma Phi has an academic program, and both organizations are filled with amazing people that keep my social life interesting.  I also work with two incredible executive councils that share my responsibilities and give me support- I would be pretty useless without them.

HC McGill: Any tips for time management?

CH: Time management really comes down to finding what works best for you as a person in terms of organization.  My roommate actually helps me a lot with staying organized and making schedules because it comes much more naturally to her. For me, it is also kind of a constant struggle between knowing what I want, and knowing what I need and finding a balance between the two. 

HC McGill: Do you have anything you want to share with Her Campus McGill readers as the VP Academics of MACSS or as the president as the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority?

CH: Dominos has $10 large pizzas until February… that’s been a pretty important part of my life lately.

Photos provided by the interviewee

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