Finals, Huge Workload, Feeling Behind, Missing Home: If You’re Just Having One of Those Days

1. Always believe that you can do it, even if you think/know you can’t

Something that is really interesting to me is that if you pretend like you’ve already achieved something and trick yourself, it makes it so much easier to accept that you have to do that task or achieve that goal. If you believe that you’re happy and start seeing things in a happier light (as cheesy as it may sound) it actually helps with everything and you feel more powerful in overcoming everything thrown your way that day, even if you have to force it.

2. Don’t be afraid to “waste time”

A lot of the times, that couple episodes of Netflix or those couple YouTube videos are all you need, because quite honestly, you won’t be studying or getting out of that rut in the time that you’re just thinking about watching videos. If you think of something, just do it, that will save more time than debating with yourself whether or not you should do it.

3. Allow yourself to feel that way for however long you have to and then be positive

Again, not allowing yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling is only going to make it worse. If you feel homesick, call your parents, you may get caught in a whirlwind and end up booking tickets home for a weekend (depending on how far away you’re from). If you feel like you’re not going to be able to finish your big project that you just had to start the day before the due date, allow yourself to feel the panic, then calm down and try and brainstorm ideas to fix it. Be positive, after you let all the negativity out of course.

4. Pamper yourself or plan a pamper day

And this could be anything. You could go all out and head to Sephora and grab a handful of masks and have a super intense pamper day, or you could just stand under the hot water in the shower for a couple extra minutes and just enjoy doing nothing for that time and it being ok. If you don’t have time for any of that, just plan a pamper day, something to look forward to will make the pain more durable.

5. Rely on your support system

The worst feeling is feeling like you’re all alone. It’s easy to feel like that, if you haven’t met too many people yet or if you want to go to a music festival that your old friends would have appreciated but no one does where you are now, or even sometimes if you crack a joke and no one gets it. It’s ok to call a friend from high school, to check in on how they’re doing and to talk about things that happened here, they’re part of your support system. Also, call your parents if talking to them could make you feel a little more grounded, they’re also part of your support system. On top of that, open yourself up, meet new people, the more people you meet the more likely you’re going to meet someone that you’ll think “oh wow, how haven’t I met them earlier”, and they will also be part of your support system. These are the people to rely on when you’re having one of those days. If not anything just because you know that if they’re having one of those days, you’ll be there for them too.

Honestly, don't stress, you're doing just fine.


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