Cozy Up This Fall: 10 Feel Good Movies

As the leaves are changing and the temperature is dropping, here are some movies you can cuddle up to for a fun night in with some popcorn. 

1. 500 Days of Summer:

A perfect, quirky romantic comedy starring Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 

2. Princess Bride:

A classic fairy tale filled with adventure, intrigue and comic relief. 

3. Caddy Shack:

A hilarious, light-hearted comedy. 

4. My Cousin Vinny:

Get a taste of New York with this chuckle-worthy American comedy.

5. Four Weddings and a Funeral:

Get your Hugh Grant fix with this romantic comedy.

6. Notting Hill:

If you can't get enough of Hugh, come back for more with Notting Hill, plus Julia Roberts.

7. Sing Street:


A sweet, new Irish coming of age story with amazing music.

8. A Fish Called Wanda:

A classic renowned crime comedy that's a must-see!

9. Sixteen Candles:

A nineties dream of a coming of age story with the amazing Molly Ringwald, beginning on her character's sixteenth birthday.

10. Love Actually:

Finally, it's never too early to bring out this timeless and heartwarming holiday classic!

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