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Apartment Hunting: Find Your Perfect Place With Sonder

It can be stressful to find an apartment for the coming year. There are numerous factors to take into consideration: where to live, who to live with, where to buy furniture, how to get wi-fi, what size place? However, a huge annoyance is whether you’ll have to find subletters if you go home for the summer. Being stuck paying rent for four months when you’re not living there is completely unideal. Luckily, Sonder offers fully furnished apartments for four or eight month periods, meaning you don’t have to worry about decking your place out, or finding someone to pay the rent whilst you’re away.

The best part of Sonder is the many perks, and their 24/7 customer support line. Not only are apartments decked out with minimalist, chic decor and furniture; but they also include storage for before you move in and the whole time you’re there – meaning you can live clutter free. The apartments all include free unlimited wi-fi and a TV, perfect for Netflix-binging.

So, avoid traipsing through hundreds of postings on housing websites and find your perfect apartment here, fuss-free. Sonder has over 150 available units right now, and those listed here range from a 5-20 minute walk from campus.


1 Bed: $1600 – Bishop & Maisonneuve  This huge open concept space is perfect for studying and relaxing. The whole area is minimalist and sleek, whilst the apartment itself is incredibly spacious. Best Perk: TV with cable included: so you can kick back with Netflix on the flatscreen whenever you want.

5 Bed: $3600 – Guy & Lincoln This five bedroom is such good value for money, at only $720 each. The location is in the centre of downtown, a 10-15 minute walk from McGill and close to grocery stores and shops. The apartment is spacious and decorated with a modern twist. Best Perk: The rooms all have a desk, so you can study in peace.   


2 bed: $1900 L’Hotel de Ville This two bed apartment is set out over two floors, which makes the space feel huge. It also comes with a sofa bed and six person dining table so it’s easy to entertain guests. Best Perk: The terrace! For a 2 bed a terrace is rare, but this place comes with a great outdoor space – perfect for sangria in the summer.

3 Bed: $2850 – Roy & De Bullion This decor of this three bed apartment has a boho vibe to it, whilst also remaining modern and sleek. The apartment is bright and open, with a great kitchen and balcony overlooking the plateau. The bedrooms are all a great size and the location is convenient for shopping and going out on Saint Laurent. Best Perk: The balcony – great for relaxing in the summer without having to go to a terrace. Also, the abundance of natural light is a great feature.

4 Bed: $2900 – Saint Dominique & Rachel The wooden floors and modern decor are the real winners in this apartment. It is decorated beautifully, and features a flat screen TV. Plus, at only $725 each for a fully furnished place this is a great deal. The kitchen is really modern, and the whole place is filled with bright, natural light. Best perk: The price! Such a great price for a wonderful location in the heart of the Plateau, and a sleek apartment.

4 Bed: $3800 – Clark and Marie-Anne This apartment is absolutely huge in size, with stunning decor and a statement brick wall. The kitchen has an island concept, and offers a lot of space so you and your roommates won’t bump heads when cooking. The living area is vast, meaning you can relax in your own space, or easily host a lot of guests – a big plus when at university. Best Perk: The huge open island concept kitchen, as it adds a great flow to the whole space. Plus, the apartment has air conditioning – a blessing for those warm summer months.

6 Bed: $5300 – Saint Laurent & Marie Anne For $890 each this six bedroom is really well priced considering the vast size and the unique decor. The loft has an industrial feel to it, with vintage-themed accessories doted around the apartment such as an old TV set (plus a new flat screen). This location is great for those who love the bustle of Saint Laurent. Another plus is the island kitchen, making it feel more like a home rather than student living. Best Perk: The bedrooms, they’re all equal in size which is rare for bigger apartments as someone is normally left with a smaller room. However, this apartment has six big spacious apartments, including one with a chalkboard wall!


Studio: $1200 – Aylmer This studio is in a prime location for getting to classes on time, as you’re just minutes away from campus. The open bay windows provide a lot of natural light, and the furniture is arranged in a way that utilises the most of the space. For a studio this place is large, and even comes with a four person dining table so you can host dinners with friends. Best Perk: The beautiful tiled fireplace; it’s such a feature piece.

1 Bed: $1550 –  Aylmer & Milton This one bedroom is located a stone’s throw from the university, meaning you can spend leisurely mornings in bed before you head off to class. The large living area provides a perfect space to both study and relax, including a huge flatscreen TV and cable. The bedroom is decorated with sleek minimalist features, a serene zone to escape to after a long day. Best Perk: The L-shaped couch and flatscreen, perfect features for ultimate relaxation.

4 Bed: $3500 – Durocher & Prince Arthur Located on Durocher and Prince Arthur this apartment is stunning and the perfect place for you and your roommates. The location is prime for all your needs, as it’s close to the university, grocery stores and the nightlife of Saint Laurent. The bedrooms are minimal and spacious, with a grand fireplace a great feature in one of the rooms. There’s a lot of storage and the shelves built into the wall are a great feature. Best Perk: The decor and detailing, the aesthetic of this apartment is unreal. Huge rugs, rustic clocks and antique looking items fill the spacious house perfectly.

To find out more details about the apartments listed, or to enquire about other sized apartments, contact either Bella Clarke at bellaclarke95@gmail.com or Kate Brinksman on Facebook – you can also arrange a viewing.

All images obtained from: lease.sonder.com

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