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7 Movies to Watch For Career Inspo

Whether you’re in the mid-semester slump or confused about post-grad plans, I’ve got the inspiration you need. These films will motivate you to take control of where you want to be and what you want to accomplish.

1. Legally Blonde

A personal favourite. Elle Woods will always be iconic for being unapologetically herself whilst killing it at Harvard. Despite her wanting to go to law school because of a guy, once she’s there she clearly makes it her own.


2. Two Weeks Notice

Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock are amazing together. Another lawyer centered classic where Sandra Bullock’s character is a passionate lawyer who takes up a job with Hugh Grant to protect a building she loves from demolition. Her character is the perfect example of hard work and perseverance.


3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Kate Hudson is the ‘how-to’ girl at a magazine in this rom-com who hopes to write about more pressing political matters. However, to get her big break into politics, she must do everything in her power to drive a guy away.  Aspiring journalists will relate to the struggle of getting the chance to write about what you actually want.


4. Working Girl

This movie is perfect for when you need that extra push to go after your ideas. A receptionist played by Melanie Griffith is trying to make her mark in a world dominated by men. Things go awry when her boss steals her idea, but this makes her stand up for herself. Sometimes we all forget to be our own advocates and this movie will give you the strength to pursue even the wildest of your dreams.


5.  The Devil Wears Prada

This movie has brilliant characters who will motivate you. Anne Hathaway’s character takes on an assistant job at a fashion magazine where she knows she’s a misfit, however, she turns that around and becomes the best assistant ever. Her boss, Miranda Priestly played by Meryl Streep is iconic, she comes off as cold and harsh and because she’s a woman she is judged for it. Both of these characters will make you want to work twice as hard for something you really want.


6. The Intern

One of my favourite feel-good movies. It shows us that no age is too old or too young to do something you love. Anne Hathaway is a #Girlboss who started her own e-commerce website and is amazing at her job but her personal life suffers.  Robert De Niro plays her ‘senior’ intern. They form an unlikely friendship that touches your heart.


7. Hidden Figures

The epitome of women breaking stereotypes with three women scientists who made incredible breakthroughs and sent the first man into orbit during the US space race period.  If you’re ever in doubt of your place in STEM, put this on and believe in yourself.


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