5 Ways to Practice Self-Care During Mid-Terms (Remote Edition)

It's mid-term season, which means that in addition to the dreary weather and general lack of sleep, procrastination and stress levels are peaking at an all-time high. To exacerbate the situation, college through zoom has the majority of students already sick and tired of staring at their computer screens 24/7 while cooped up in their rooms. Not all is lost however, and there are several ways you can continue to practice self-care during these "unprecedented times" as our professors remind us every other day.

So here are 5 simple and easy ways to practice self-care during mid-term season!

  1. 1. Feed Yourself...Please

    This may seem extremely obvious, but too many students forget to feed themselves nutritious and healthy foods when they are busy. You may find yourself starting to write a ten page paper at 10:00 AM and by the time you finish the draft, it's already 10:00 PM. No matter how busy you find yourself, make sure to have simple and quick meals and snacks on hand to boost that brain energy! Stock up on fruits like bananas and clementines, nuts and other sources of protein, and pre-made/pre-packaged sandwiches and salads.

    Bowl of chia seed pudding topped with fruit
  2. 2. Create a Consistent Sleep Schedule (It's okay to take naps)

    As difficult as it may be, try to avoid pulling all-nighters and taking three hour naps on a regular basis. Even if you get ten hours of sleep, starting your day at 2:00 PM does NOT benefit your day and you'll most likely still feel extremely tired. Naps are also only refreshing in modest amounts, so set a 30 minute timer if you find eyelids closing despite the ticking clock on some other mid-term paper due in six hours. 

  3. 3. Get Out! 

    As freezing as the weather may be, don't just sit in front of your laptop all day, tied down to the uncomfortable chair. Take a 15 minute walk, stretch, build a snowman, go sledding, or skating, or anything other than sitting and sleeping. You have every right to breathe some fresh air and take a break from staring at the words and functions and diagrams on that intensely bright screen. Make sure to not let your joints get too rusty!

    gray and black laptop sitting on the grass
  4. 4. Rant

    Yes, rant. Complain. Express your discontent and pent up frustrations (in a healthy manner of course). Call your friend and have some social interactions to lift up your mood and use those vocal chords. Remember that your friends are probably also waiting to rant to you and spill the tea about everything and nothing at all. Let your mind clear up and the throw the sacks off your shoulders (and head). 

  5. 5. Treat Yourself

    Take a bath, watch a movie, buy new clothes, bake a cake. Don't wait until it's all over to do something nice for yourself. Do something for yourself becaue you deserve it! Whatever relaxes you and motivates you to continue to grind in school, just do it.