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5 Tips For Getting Involved on Campus

Do you feel unsure of where to start when you are looking for a way to get involved outside of class now that you are in college? No need to worry! I am here to bring you 5 tips as to how you can get involved in campus life at McGill, whether it’s your first semester or your hundredth!

  1. Firstly, establish a balance between school work and extra-curriculars.

If you don’t already have a planner, now is the time to buy one! In order to be able to join clubs and commit to hours outside of class you need a practical agenda to stay organized and on top of everything. Before signing up for club meetings, make sure they don’t conflict with any of your classes or study times.

2. Do your research about activities you’re passionate about.

If you’ve been dancing for 12 years or been playing soccer since 2nd grade, there’s no need to give that hobby up now that you’ve arrived at college. The McGill SSMU site has a list of clubs and most McGill clubs are also easily accessible through their Facebook pages. It’s important to continue your passion when you are involved in a club, sport, or hobby you really enjoy.  

3. Try out a bunch of different clubs before selecting the ones you actually want to commit to.

As a freshman, it’s not necessary to settle down into anything just yet. Feel free to sit in on club meetings and stay connected to their Facebook pages to get the gist of what the club stands for and the events they have going on. If the club doesn’t really speak to you or the time commitment is too overwhelming, then there is no need to stay. Your first year at McGill is all about exploring your interests and delving into anything and everything that grabs your attention.

4. Talk to older students!

    Although the idea of introducing yourself to older students might seem daunting, mingling with upper-years is actually extremely helpful in the long-run! Older students have been in your shoes and can offer lots of advice on clubs to join, classes to take, and places to go to study/party/explore. Plus, having connections with older students also expands your social group and in turn, allows you to interact with more diverse people.

5. Try a completely unique activity that is outside of your comfort zone.

People often say that university is all about trying new things and though it might sound cliché, there really is no other time in your life that you will have accessibility to so many incredible extracurricular options. Never played a sport in high school? Join an intramural team here! Always have been told you were funny but have never performed properly? Try one of McGill’s comedy clubs! Having a constant craving for chocolate? Check out McGill’s Cocoa & Cacao Chocolate Club. The options are literally limitless.


No matter what you choose to do your first semester at McGill, the most important thing to remember is to engage in your passions and explore new interests! Best of luck!


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Maddy Evans

McGill '22

Maddy is a freshman at McGill University, where she is pursuing a major in Political Science and a double minor in Spanish and Arabic. Originally from Connecticut, you can find Maddy traveling around the world with her camera and journal in hand. When in Montreal, she will most definitely be studying in a coffee shop, wandering through an art museum, or exploring the city!
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