5 Reasons to Rush!

5 Reasons To Rush a Sorority!

The transition into college is, without a doubt, a daunting one. I kept thinking, “what could I have done before to feel better here and now?” I’ve since realized there really is no way I could have prepared for it, other than just showing up and being open to change. Life before university is too different to try and predict how you’ll feel when you’re there, and there’s no use in taking away from the present moment. Stay there while you can.

I’ve mentioned this idea of just “showing up” in past articles and doing your best to adapt because all you really need is time; it is time that heals most all. That being said, there is definitely a myriad of tools and coping mechanisms that can ease this transition. One of my favorite ways to get out of my own head is to get out and interact with others, and recruitment was a great way for me to do this in my first weeks at McGill! So, without further adieu, here are five reasons to rush!


1. You meet amazing women!

There is nothing cooler than seeing an upperclassman with similar goals to your own, making it happen for herself. You may find a role model in an older sorority member, and she could advise you along your path - and you can support each other! It’s amazing to hear people so impassioned by their studies, dedicated to forging their own path. This will inspire you to put your aspirations into action as well! It's a positive reinforcing loop that is beautiful to be a part of!




2. Get to know girls in your grade!

It’s really difficult to meet people while in class, especially if your class as a first-year is 800 people! Clubs are a better place to socialize, anyway. A sorority is a special club because there is mostly focus on friendship and intangible, important things like moral code and service to others. Through the rushing process itself, I met so many people my own age that I have not have gotten to know otherwise! It’s so important to just get out there and let your voice be heard.


3. Make your campus smaller!


McGill University has around 27,500 undergraduate students so it’s easy to feel lost. Sometimes being surrounded by so many people can actually make it harder to make meaningful friendships. Rushing allows you to close in on a smaller group and have conversations that help you realize we all just want the same thing: to belong somewhere.


4. Empowered women empower women!

There are so many things that each of us has to keep up with in university, and your sorority sisters will hold you accountable and support you along the way! There truly is nothing more empowering than knowing you have a group of strong girls to back you at any given moment. I know I would do that for my sisters! <3


5. Keep Busy!           

It’s easy to get caught up in studying and homework and forget to socialize, but this is so important for our health! You won’t perform optimally in school if you aren’t feeling settled in and comfortable, anyway! It’s all about balance. I love having weekly meetings and events every week to punctuate the monotony of studying every day!! 

I hope after reading this panhellenic summary of why I think you should rush, you'll consider either this coming winter or fall! xo, Britt