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Senior Year as Told by Parks and Recreation

We ask ourselves… Are we really Seniors? Where did the time go?


All you and your friends can talk about is how this is your year and nobody is going to ruin it for you


Two words… sylly week


Things are going fine then out of nowhere you have a pile of deadlines and assignments to get done


All you can do is countdown to every holiday break


You’re constantly asking yourself “Do I really need this degree?”


Then you immediately reassure yourself that you can do this


After a while, you’re done with everything and everyone


At this point, Senioritis has officially taken over and you’ve decided to mentally check out until graduation


The realization that you’re about to go into the adult world has you freaking out


Then it finally arrives… GRADUATION DAY!


All of the festivities are over and now it’s time to celebrate...


However, when all is said and done, reality hits for some and we realize that we still have to complete more years of school…


Christiane Lowcher is a double major in Criminal Justice & Sociology at Marywood University. Christiane has been the Captain of the Women's Golf Team at Marywood for three years. She is a lover of food, Netflix, and makeup. She's just a girl who's figuring her life out day by day and living by her motto, "You just gotta be happy with your life!" Instagram: c_lowcher Twitter: clowcherr
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