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PROcrastinating: 5 Study Tips to Help You Survive Finals

Yes, it’s possible!

1. Take Breaks.

When everything seems to be due at the same time, on the same day and you have limited time to do it, taking a break seems like the last thing you should do. But a quick scroll through Instagram or Facebook after every chapter you review, or every page of a paper you finish, won’t kill you!

2. Stretch.

Sitting in the same position, hunched over your computer or textbooks can be a killer on your back and neck. Take a minute to stretch out and even move positions whenever you feel yourself getting a bit sore.

3. Have Snacks.

Finals week basically comes with an all-you-can-eat pass for stress food. However, while studying, it’s much easier to have something small you can keep next to your books and blindly reach for to munch on.

4. Get Sleep.

Finals week can sometimes make you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. All those hours you put into studying will be no good if you can’t keep your eyes open on your test! So make sure to catch a few z’s so you’re functional!

5. Breathe!

You will be okay! Doing well in your classes is important, but what is more important is your mental health. Finals week comes with a lot of stress and anxieties, but don’t forget to breathe and remind yourself, “you got this!”

Maura is an advertising/public relations major at Marywood University. She is the Social Media Manager for Her Campus Marywood and the Social Media Editor at The Wood Word. Her likes include pizza and tacos, dogs and soccer. Her dislikes include arrogance and people who wear socks and sandals. Twitter: Mauraaa13 Instagram: Maurax13
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