Perks of Coming Home for Spring Break

Let's be real, we all love having breaks in college. We all need that break in between school to come home and unwind, see friends from home, and sleep in our own bed. There is no better feeling than driving home and knowing that as soon as you walk in the door you are greeted by your family and maybe your pet. But also having a home cooked meal is a huge perk. I think going home for spring break is fantastic, I do not need to go on a fancy vacation to a warm place with my friends when I know I can save money and go home for free. Here are my top reasons why coming home for break is the best.

1. Free Food: You know that when you get home there is going to be a home cooked meal, and obviously your mom makes the best food. As someone who lives off campus in an apartment I hate having to cook for myself so having someone else cook for me is a blessing. Also you spend less money when it comes to eating because you can just eat all your family's snacks or better yet, use your parents credit card and go to the store and buy all the snacks.

2. Sleep: Honestly this is the number one perk. During break you are not required to go to class or do the million extracurricular activities that consume your day.  You can sleep in as late as you want, nap during the day, or just simply lay in bed and not talk to anyone.