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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marywood chapter.

I have been an active member of Her Campus Maywood since my freshmen year when it first came to campus. I wrote for Her Campus for my freshmen and sophomore years and then transitioned to a CC last year. With all this being said, being a part of HC has completely changed me as a person for the better. I have learned so much discipline from deadlines and I have learned to accept opinions other than my own. Obviously, not all of my writers were going to think the same as me. We had different opinions and had gone through different things in our perspective lives and I think that is what made us so strong this year.

I watched this organization transform before my eyes. I still remember being one of the three people in Her Campus when it first launched to Marywood. We now have 20 active members and have transitioned to a club on campus. Being a club at Marywood comes with certain responsibilities. We had to write our own constitution, attend meetings for all clubs, and participate in service events both semesters in the year.

I cannot thank the Her Campus team enough for giving me every opportunity they have throughout my four years. I had two articles with over 4,000 views and even made the Top 10 list one week. These were huge accomplishments for me because although writing for pleasure has always been something I loved, I never thought I would be so successful at it.


Writing for Her Campus has undoubtedly helped me mentally. Writing has always been a release and being able to share my stories and have people connect to them has been so rewarding for me. This organization has been like a child to me these past two years and I am so sad to leave it and move on. So, thank you Her Campus for a great 4 years and good luck on all those to come.