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10 Stress Relieving Hacks for the Spring Semester

1. Organize your desk

-An organized desk will help to clear your mind!


  1. Create a stress relieving playlist

-Music is one of the best ways to cope with stress and has been scientifically proven to help lessen anxiety.

  1. Take up calligraphy

-When your mind is so focused on creating a work of art, you’ll have no time to stress over other things!

  1. Learn an instrument

-Learning some of your favorite songs on a new instrument can be fun! Something like the ukulele is easy to learn and cheap to buy!


  1. Go to the pet store

-Because who doesn’t love puppies?! Also, I’m sure the puppies appreciate all the playing we do with them!

  1. Visit a new restaurant

-Who knows, maybe it will become your new favorite hang out!

     7)  Buy a unique stress-relieving coloring book… one that you will ACTUALLY color

-What better way to relieve stress, than by coloring your favorite Hollywood hunks?!


8) Go on a school sponsored trip

-School trips are usually cheap and fun. Bring your friends and enjoy something, like a day in the city, seeing a new play!


9) Decorate your dorm/apartment for every holiday

-It is always fun to use your favorite Pinterest crafts to create a dorm or apartment ready for any holiday!


10) Go to a concert

Probably the best way to relieve any stress. Who doesn’t love good music and a good time?


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